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Senior Data Scientist

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We are extending the team with Senior Data Scientists and Engineers. The role supposes participating in Conversational User Interfaces, we are using one of the Artificial Intelligence branches called Natural Language Understanding (or NLU).

To use NLU, we should follow a quite typical approach of:

  • Selection of real cases, in our case conversations, that reflect the reality of the use case we want to automate
  • Use a part of those cases to train and generate the NLU, creating what is called an NLU model. This NLU model is tailored to the concrete use case, and you want to make sure that it is not too narrow (so has too many similar data that only will respond to that specific phrases) and not too generic (has so much dispersion that responds to everything)
  • Another part of those cases will be used to test the NLU model, so we can ensure the NLU model can respond to our expectations, and the dataset has not to be part of the NLU model training and include examples to test the broader applicability of the model (thus containing examples that are not mapped in the model generation)

Required Skills

  • Data


  • Analyze in deep the selected conversations to define uses cases or refine implementation by the designers
  • Map and measure the conversations flows (with several KPIs for the designers)
  • Identify flaws in the conversation design analyzing chatbots conversation with humans


  • We expect NLP (Natural Language Processing) expertise in order to create the algorithms to:
    • Select/Identify the right conversations
    • Group and score similarities
    • Select/Unify training and test conversations
    • Identify key performance indicators such as sentiment, fulfilment performance and provide feedback to designers
  • We expect Big Data and Data Science expertise to:
    • Process all the actual available conversations across a whole year (each month we have hundreds of thousands of conversations)
    • Apply the algorithms in a), b) and c) in a scalable way, then can be automated and maintained
    • Collaborate in the implementation of automated supervised training based on conversations
    • Deep analysis on conversations crossed with other factors: stationarity, Contract-ending, new launches, Mktg campaigns, etc
    • Develop tools and dashboard for bot specific KPI tracking

We offer

  • Extended opportunity to grow professionally in a cross-cultural environment
  • Access to various on-line courses from leading provider
  • Access to engineering communities on a global scale
  • Unlimited access to LinkedIn learning solutions
  • Social benefits in line with local legislation
  • Health insurance and meal vouchers programs
  • Special discount program for EPAMers with providers across Malaga and in other cities around the world
  • Regular team collaboration events
  • Office in a good location with easy access
  • Referral bonuses
  • Relocation support (for people from other countries)


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