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Senior Data Scientist

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We’re looking for a Senior Data Scientist

Who we are

Aplazame is a fintech company acquired by WiZink that offers instant financing for online purchases.

Our purpose is offering simple, transparent and fair  financial products which deserve people’s confidence and allow them to buy in a flexible way.

In order to continue growing, we’d love to find a Senior Data Scientist  for our Data Team.

What you’ll do

  • Investigation of improvements to existing models: hypothesis proposal, investigation and actionable conclusions
  • Development of new previously non-existent models for which interesting solutions must be proposed. For example, recommendation systems, marketing channel optimization, A / B testing measurement with multi-arms bandits or anomaly detection are some of the challenges that we have to solve.
  • Development with Python. We make Data Science and therefore we make (good) software.
  • Communication with the rest of the areas. We are a cross-functional team and we interact with all the areas and intend to convey.
  • Participating in the improvement of the strategic plan and adding ideas to the backlog is part of your responsibility. We have a complex and challenging product which requires witty solutions. We work a lot with Product teams in order to create a data-based  product long-term vision. .

Who are you

You have at least 5 years of experience working with credit products. You have considerable knowledge about online fraud and credit risk.

The essentials: 

  • Very fluent handling of DS stack in Python. You’re eager to learn new technologies.
  • Statistical knowledge, especially in complex scenarios like estimations with censored data, non-random sampling or rare event sampling. We like to understand what’s happening under the framework.
  • Good Python: if you believe design and style is much more than aesthetics, this is your place
  • Teamwork and ability to communicate: we’re not rockstars, we work with a lot of people, we understand them and we make ourselves understood.
  • Intellectual curiosity oriented to solving complex problems and not completely defined.

We’ll also considerate (though it’s not a mandatory requirement): 

  • Experience with risk scoring and fraud, knowledge about the financial industry.
  • Experience with bayesian modelling, sequential decision making and reinforcement learning. ,
  • A/B testing for online products.
  • Knowledge of recommendation systems with various sources, especially historical (Collaborative Filtering) and descriptions ( NLP + Content-Based)

Other relevant aspects: 

  • Knowledge of architecture and engineering, especially AWS and containers management using Kubernetes.
  • Knowledge of MLOps lifecycles using Kubeflow, MLFlow…
  • Experience developing web services.

How does our team work?

We have common values as a team which are not mere words for job offers. They guide our daily decisions. They say a lot about how and why we work:

  • Technical Excellence: we try to do everything fine. We tend to improve and try to reach excellence.
  • Intellectual curiosity and individual growth. We make science, we are restless, we ask ourselves questions. Learning is what motivates us.
  • Zero ego: Ego is the enemy. We separate author from results. We don’t fall in love with any idea and everything can be improved.
  • Teamwork: issues and success are shared. We collaborate and genuine interest for our colleagues.
  • Responsible autonomy: we are very flexible about how we work (asyncronous remote work allowing work-life balance and autonomy in the execution). We trust each other.
  • Ownership: we don’t try to close users stories and forget the contest. We have a wide vision about where the pieces fit inside Aplazame’s machinery.

What we offer:

  • Competitive fixed salary plus 20% annual bonus based on individual and collective objectives.
  • 24 labour days paid annual leave
  • Health Insurance ( 75% covered by Aplazame)
  • Shorter working days on Fridays and summer (July and August)
  • 1.000  € annual budget for training and books, plus 2 additional days to attend events.
  • Stop & Start Days: 2 days without meetings every 3 months to develop news projects for Aplazame
  • The laptop and accesories of your choice to feel comfortable at work.
  • You’ll work with a team full of stars to learn from and have fun as you grow professionally. We’re humble but ambitious. We’ll love to help you develop. You’ll decide where your limits are.
  • An environment full of confidence and open communication. We are very horizontal. Everyone is welcome to contribute with ideas or experiences in any area.
  • Culture of feedback and learning. We try not to make mistakes, but they are an excellent learning source.
  • Flexible schedule. We pay attention to your results, not the time you come and go.
  • This position is Madrid-based but our culture is remote friendly. You’ll have the chance to work from home when you need to.

If you believe you’re the right person for this position, we’d love to hear from you. If your proposal sounds interesting, we’ll contact you to have an initial interview so we can get to know each other and will follow these steps:

1. Meeting with HR

2. Technical skills test

3. Meeting with CDO

4. Meeting with the Team

5. Meeting with CEO

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Azahara Prieto 

Talent Acquisition Manager en Aplazame

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