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PM Data Scientist

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Enel X is seeking a Controls Lead to support research, development and productization of next generation optimal control solutions for energy management for large  attery-equipped front-of-the-meter power plants. The position is within the Enel X Digital Hub Advanced Analytics and Computational Science group.
Enel X’s products use state-of-the-art algorithms to learn and predict the energy consumption and generation patterns of energy resources at our customers’ sites, compute optimal cost-based control strategies given each site’s unique configuration and state, dispatch sets of distributed energy systems to follow an optimal plan, and adapt to changes in real time. Be part of the team designing and implementing these systems, taking them to the next level of performance, using them to enable energy independence and efficient integration of renewables, aggregating them into powerful groups of virtual power plants, and bidding them into various front-of-the-meter markets.

What you will do:
You will manage software development programs for building innovative intelligent control systems that optimize energy usage for a wide range of use cases. You will help conceive the architecture of our software platform, help manage resources, and be responsible for the successful development and deployment of the software. Specifically, you will:

 Lead development of Front-of-the-Meter (FTM) battery storage algorithms

o Control and Optimization
o Bidding, especially Market Optimized Bidding (MOB) for Storage projects in ERCOT, AEMO, and other markets
o Forecasting in support of Trading

 Peak forecasting

 Time series estimation of market quantities

 Uncertainty prediction for market quantities

 Other Specific Functions:
o Work with Product Managers from various business lines to develop and document a clear picture of the product use cases and requirements.
o Work with Product Managers on business roadmaps and suggest possible market approaches utilizing advanced technologies.
o Ensure new software products connect with other software platforms in the Enel X ecosystem.
o Communicate technical requirements to the team.
o Support the effective use of simulation tools for algorithm evaluation, critically review performance results, and write and present summaries.
o Report on project status at an executive level.
o Manage the software development process, keeping the team on track in an agile way.
o Scope new projects.

Aptitudes y experiencia deseadas

Skills and Experience Sought:

 PhD in computer science, math, physics, engineering, or a related technical field.

 At least 5 years experience leading a team of engineers, scientists, and developers

 At least 10 years’ experience in software development for mathematical or scientific applications in a team

 Experience solving difficult time-variant mathematical or physical problems computationally

 Knowledge of numerical methods such as nonlinear regression, optimization, differentiation and integration, solving systems of equations, time discretization and  simulation, interpolation, linear, non-linear, mixed-integer and stochastic programming
 Familiarity with time-series analysis and forecasting.

 Familiarity with traditional and deep-learning ML architectures for regression (e.g., ANNs, LSTMs)

 Understanding of the utility of common ML toolkits such as TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch or scikit-learn

 Experience with optimization modeling tools such as Python’s Pyomo, AMPL, GAMS, or Julia’s JuMP

 At least 1 year experience coding in Python

 Experience writing software documentation, for example with UML

 Familiarity and proficiency with Object Oriented Programming (OOP) techniques

 Familiarity and proficiency using test-driven software development (TDD) techniques

 Knowledge of electronics and electrical governing equations

 Ability to clearly communicate results of work to peers, business leaders, executives, customers, and partners

 Knowledge of Git

 English fluency, and the ability to learn Italian quickly  Ability to schedule communications with -8 GMT time zone

 Ability to travel internationally

Who you are:
We are looking for someone who exhibits and furthers the unique qualities of our team. You:  Thrive on challenging problems that others believe are too difficult

 Are highly motivated

 Are a team player

 Self-prioritize your time

 Are someone who listens but also speaks when they see a better way

 Are someone who takes advantage of opportunities to learn new skills and develop strengths

 Have strong attention to detail and dig deeply into a problem until you understand everything about it

 Are someone who seeks and responds positively to constructive feedback and guidance
 Are organized and don’t lose track of important tasks and assignments

 Can understand the wider business context of our activities and develop solutions that are appropriate to the situation

What you will find:
We are a multinational energy company, one of the world’s principal integrated electricity and gas operators as well as one of the main producers of green energy. We work across all 5 continents, we are approximately 69,000 people from all around the world and we speak 22 languages. Innovation, trust, proactivity and responsibility are the lifeblood of our organization. We respect each other and celebrate our diversity. We encourage all applicants, regardless of their age, sex, color, gender identity or medical conditions. We are a people focused organization and if you become our colleague you will enjoy our flexible working, our benefits, our parental programs and all the programs dedicated to your health and safety.

Find out more information on our website:

We are looking for candidates of both sexes – L.903/77 e D. Lgs n. 98/2006, art 27.

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