Full-stack data scientist

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Full-stack data scientist

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Join DataBeacon to disrupting the aviation industry with Artificial Intelligence and modern web and mobile applications.

You will become part of our machine learning squad and create  Artificial Intelligence solutions for aviation. You will play a crucial role throughout the whole lifecycle of product development, from design to implementation.

The ideal candidate should have

  • Deep understanding of the different machine and deep learning models.
  • Remarkable coding skills in Python, to write reliable, readable, solid code following the best practices and patterns.
  • Deep understanding of the different database types and their use cases: SQL, NoSQL, graph, key-value and wide-column stores. Also Pandas and Apache Parquet file format.
  • Knowledge of best coding practices and patterns.
  • Excellent English communication skills


  • Work on exciting projects around artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Shared responsibility and horizontal decision-making
  • Constant learning; we peer review all the code through pull requests using GitHub.
  • Growing team, currently 12 people and exciting prospects to grow with the company.
  • A beautiful, well-located office in the center of Madrid.
  • Most flexible schedule and remote work possibilities for people living in Madrid or nearby.

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Samuel Cristobal 

full-stack developer | data scientist | chief technology officer

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