Data Scientist (Andorra)

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Gauss & Neumann

Data Scientist (Andorra)

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At Gauss & Neumann, we are looking for PhDs, MSc and BS mathematics, physics and engineering to work with us in our office in Andorra. We do Search Engine Marketing (SEM) worldwide and work for international clients. We love and breath technology and everyone at the company has a tech background.

We believe that advertising on search engines (SEM) should provide perfect answers to the users. Gauss & Neumann creates data structures and technologies that help our clients deliver a perfect response to queries and provide value to search engine customers like Google or Bing.

What we look for:

Young professionals with a PhD, MSc or bachelor degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or other engineering disciplines. We search for natural problem solvers with initiative that push the needle always a bit further and have the self-discipline to get things done. We look for people that have fun at work and create a great atmosphere with their teammates. We value personal attitude at the very top.


  • Design SEM keyword structures for international clients
  • Create predictive algorithms for bidding in real time
  • Create scripts for optimizing keyword structures
  • Create technologies that disrupt the SEM industry
  • Data research and visualization
  • Manage campaign daily operations with large clients mainly in the United States.

What you need to have

  • Bachelor, MSc or PhD level degree in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or Software Engineering or similar engineering degree.
  • Programming skills ( Python, SQL, PHP, R…).
  • Statistics knowledge

Other skills we value

  • English fluency (written and verbal)
  • Project management experience
  • Natural ability to deal with ratios and numbers
  • Being up to date with programming libraries
  • Willingness to learn and go beyond what’s necessary.

Contract Details

  • Contract: Full time
  • Salary: based upon value and experience provided
  • Private insurance


Our new office is right in the heart of the capital of Andorra, in the main shopping area in the center, with stunning views of the mountains and in a natural environment.

Ideal for those who love outdoors and work surrounded by nature.

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