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Tessella, Capgemini Enginering’s World Class Center for Analytics, has an international presence and a reputation for delivering exceptional value from data ( Building on our success in the UK, US, Spain, France, Italy and Netherlands, Tessella continues to grow its data analytics consulting services. In this role, you will provide essential analytics leadership to a highly capable team, while participating in our rapid growth and expansion of our client base.

The Role

Within our fast-growing analytics consulting firm, you will lead a team of data scientists and engineers to solve interesting, real-world problems that truly make a difference. Supported by our global knowledge base and network of skilled practitioners, and assisted by ongoing professional development and training, you will be a visible face of our technical solutions within Spain. You will define routes to effective solutions, present these to our clients, and then execute them through your team.


To succeed in this role, you should have:
· A Masters or PhD in operations research, computer science, mathematics or engineering.
· Significant professional experience in the development and application of optimization and simulation models to improve decision-making process, as well as good skills related to data analytics, statistics and computational techniques.
· A genuine enthusiasm for the modelling of business processes as well as complex engineering systems using mathematical programming with the aim of optimization (planning and scheduling) and simulation.
· Experience with mathematical programming problems: LP, MIP, NLP, MINLP, CP as well as with uncertainty modelling (robust and stochastic optimization)
· Experience with metaheuristic optimization (genetic algorithms, ACO, swarm intelligence, evolutionary programming, etc.) is a plus
· Excellent coding skills with python (pyomo, pulp, gurobi, localsolver, etc.). GAMS is also a plus
· Complete understanding of optimization solution algorithms (gradient descent, Interior-point method, simplex, etc.) and solvers (CPLEX, CBC, etc.)
· Excellent communication and presentation skills, and an ability to explain complex concepts.
· Professional level ability in Spanish and English languages.
· Business analysis and project management skills would be an advantage.

About Us

Tessella is the Analytics World Class Center of Capgemini Enginering. We have an international presence and a reputation for delivering exceptional business value from data. This has been achieved through more than 30 years commitment to the data sciences and by creating our team of 250+ of the best data scientists and engineers. We thrive on complex problems where innovative thinking delivers optimal solutions that delight our clients, and which add real value to their businesses; e.g. increasing productivity in the development of new medicines; designing satellites to observe and understand the universe; harnessing fusion power to provide unlimited, clean energy.

Tessella is a subsidiary of Capgemini Enginering , a global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering services.

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