Data Engineer / Data Scientist [Healthcare and Finance]

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Data Engineer / Data Scientist [Healthcare and Finance]

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[Oxford, UK | Madrid, Spain]

LURTIS has opened a dual position for either a new data engineer or a data scientist. As either of these profiles, you will work on the data preparation and the implementation of data modelling pipelines in different application fields.

In the case of a candidate better fitted as a Data Engineer, we are expecting you to master the programming of ETL processes, development of the data preprocessing, cleaning and treatment of source data into integrated data repositories suited for their data analysis. You should also be responsible of the deployment of these solutions into a cloud-based infrastructure and the maintenance of the data ingestion in data processing pipelines. You should also have some good understanding of the concepts and terms of the essentials of data science.

Alternatively, in the case of a more Data Scientist role, you should manage the concepts of data visualisation, machine learning, data mining, and the fundamentals of data modelling. You should be responsible of modelling complex real-world problems based on the available data and the domain knowledge of the experts.

Both profiles shall work in an international and multidisciplinary team spread between the UK and Spain, with domain experts in the US/Canada as well as part of an European research consortium. We expect you to be integrated into a team that interacts with these domain experts and being able to understand the characteristics of their problem and needs.

You should enjoy challenges and be comfortable in proactively proposing solutions, and have fun solving interesting new problems. You should be someone who makes decisions based on a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge, but curious. You should not be afraid to take ownership in your part of the work and should feel proud of being an integral player. And most of all, you should be excited to be part of a fun and growing team making a difference solving a major real-world problem.

Your duties & responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • Being involved in the design and implementation of data analytics / mining tools for one or multiple of these domains:
  • Finance and stock trading data
  • Healthcare and clinical applications
  • Engineering, manufacturing, or construction problems
  • Take the responsibility of either the data loading or the data modelling aspects of an interdisciplinary software development.
  • Deploying a data-centric solution into a cloud-based infrastructure.

We require the following qualifications:

  • 2-4 years of experience as a data engineer / data scientist in one of the following domains:
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • A BSc or MSc in computer science, engineering, maths, physics, or statistics.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Right to work in Spain or the UK (already granted or appropriate citizenship).
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to pitch in wherever and whenever necessary
  • Ability to show initiative in improving processes and culture
  • Demonstrated record of being a kind and trustworthy teammate with high standards

We encourage the following qualifications:

  • 2 years of experience in Python programming for data manipulation (SQL and Pandas).
  • Some experience in other secondary programming languages (mainly C++, C, Java, or R) or scripting languages (e.g. bash).
  • Working experience in Linux and UNIX-based programming and deployment platforms (including Docker).
  • Experience in the ETL technologies: Apache Airflow/Kafka/NiFi, Spark, Hadoop, Pentaho, …
  • Experience in data modelling/analytics: machine learning (e.g., scikit-learn), linear algebra/optimisation (e.g., scipy/numpy), high-end analytics (e.g. keras, tensorflow, pytorch), visualisation (e.g. plotly, matlibplot, Jupyter, …).
  • Experience in data storage formats and technologies: databases, NoSQL, HDF5/Arrow/Parquet formats.
  • Experience in cloud environments: Azure, Google, or AWS.
  • Knowledge about basic parallelisation and distributed computing concepts in Python (e.g., dask, multiprocessing, …).
  • Good understanding of software engineering and development process practices (Jira, Git, Python debugging [pdb]).

Please note: You do not need to match every single bullet point listed above to apply for this position. At LURTIS, we believe that diverse perspectives are vital to nurturing the spirit of innovation and success. We are committed to building a dream team that encompasses a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and skills.

What we offer:

  • Option of working either remotely or at the company offices (Madrid or Oxford) with flexible models and hours.
  • A fun and exciting work environment where you can have a direct & immediate impact.
  • Teammates who respect and cherish you and your ideas.
  • Salary progression in a growing company.

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