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Data Engineer

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We are looking for a Data Engineer to collaborate with our team in Madrid.


  • Implementation of data models, both for the development of reporting and analytical processes.
  • Data quality analysis, cleaning, normalisation and duplication of data sources.
  • Organisation, optimisation and exploitation of databases.
  • Automation of information generation processes.
  • Understanding and conceptualising business requirements to transform them into knowledge and value proposals.


  • 4 years experience with Python.
  • Knowledge of AWS is a plus.
  • Experience in monitoring best practices, notification generation, logging, documentation.
  • Knowledge of Big Data architectures and horizontally scalable persistence layers in Cloud S3 system.
  • Experience designing and programming ETL ingestion processes, parameterised ELT.

What do we offer?  

  • Flexible working hours starting from 8:30 to 10:00
  • 23 days of annual leave plus releavant local/national festivities
  • Opportunities for training and development
  • Digital social activities
  • Relaxed dress code
  • Flexible benefits as restaurant and transport card, childcare vouchers and training support

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Innovation is all about being different – and so at Opinno, we believe in innovation through diversity. At the core of our values, we build inclusive communities and advance through our differences. Our global reach allows us to connect people from all walks of life, cultivating innovation wherever it may come from.

We are a company specialized in innovation: from imagining a new product to prototyping it, measuring its potential in the market, manufacturing it and putting it on the market. Our model is based on the Lean concept (build, measure, learn) that brings together all our areas: Business Strategy and Architecture, Technology Solutions and Open Innovation.

Our area Technology Solutions, from the discipline of Digital Experience, we use the latest techniques of UX, prototyping and information visualization to complement the activities of Business Design. In addition, we translate the company’s vision for the future into a technological architecture that supports change, that is modifiable, scalable, efficient, secure and stable. Closely related to the above is data architecture, which is becoming increasingly important to our clients. We design and manage structures that capture information, organize it, protect it, manage it properly and present it in a way that helps strategic decision making.

Finally, we support our customers in their migration to the cloud: an inevitable, delicate but very beneficial process for the company. As we accompany clients through this process, we will help deploy workforces with a DevOps culture. For this leap from local to cloud environments, we will work with our partners, AWS, Microsoft, Workday and Salesforce.

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