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Oracle NetSuite is one of the fastest growing global ERP SaaS providers serving tens of thousands of large as well as rapidly rising firms in the US, Europe, APAC and around the world. Oracle has been named a leader in Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning by Forrester Research. NetSuite has long been engaging in Machine Learning and AI research and projects.

We aim to offer distinctive and relevant business intelligent features to customers based on their business in a multi-tenant environment. Applying ML at scale in multi-tenant environment is a unique and high-impact challenge that the ML/AI community only begins to tackle. We are proud of our mission, and excited about applying ML/AI technology to the challenge of making DL and other ML algorithms a game changer for small and large businesses.

This is an opportunity to participate in a team to create and expand a ML/AI program, collaborating with other Program Manager and ML/AI researchers and leaders, enabling the teams of data scientists to apply the latest ML algorithms and Cloud computing power to achieve a visible success.


• Leverage big data to understand customers, identify opportunities to further elevate NetSuite’s product experience, and create compelling data stories that drive action.

• Transform complex data into business insights and solutions by using latest technology in machine learning, pattern recognition, text mining, and parallel/distributed computing.

• Partner with internal teams on data informed hypotheses that will drive experiment design and insights focused on causal relationships between customer data and product engagement.

• Collaborate with domain experts (developers) and other data scientists on ML solutions to build appropriate algorithm for specific ML solvable problems

• Familiarize with the ML data repository and become a NetSuite data expert to provide guidance to  product teams in using our data service.

The Data Scientist role has work experience across the following three areas:

• Exploratory Analysis: understanding ecosystems, user behaviors, and long-term trends, building models for analysis and production features, and proposing what to build in the next roadmap.

• Product Leadership: influencing product teams through presentation of data-based recommendations, communicating state of business, experiment results, etc. to product teams, and promoting best practices to analytics and product teams

• Data Infrastructure: working in Kubeflow and Jupyter Notebooks primarily, sometimes elasticsearch, Kibana and SQLite and automating analyses


  • 5+ years relevant experience with a proven track record of leveraging machine learning to drive significant business impact
  • Masters or PHD degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics or related field
  • Programming experience with Python, SQL, and etc.

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