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  • Barcelona’s mission is to improve the health of individuals and populations in resource-poor countries through advanced AI applications.

We seek for data scientists to push the boundaries of AI in Global Digital Health. We are interested in individuals with a solid background in statistical modeling, machine learning and analytical techniques, with experience in applying those techniques in clinical data and healthcare settings. You will be carrying out research on predictive models and recommendation systems using available data, and defining the best course of action in clinical trials, treatment personalization and other solutions to address healthcare needs, as part of our data science team.

If you are passionate about using data science to improve health outcomes, and are excited about using your skills to improve the world, we want to meet you!


  • Development of data science models to predict and to understand human behavior, to personalize treatment and diagnosis, with the goal of being included in production in our machine learning platform
  • Identify and formulate problems that address health inequities and independently conduct high-quality research

Minimum qualifications:

  • BSc/BEng degree in mathematics, statistics, biostatistics, life sciences, physics, computer science, epidemiology, machine learning or related fields; or equivalent technical proficiency
  • Experience in clinical AI, and/or data science or machine learning for healthcare or digital health
  • Solid coding skills in Python or R

Preferred qualifications:

  • MSc/MEng or PhD in mathematics, statistics, biostatistics, life sciences, physics, computer science, data science, health outcomes, epidemiology, machine learning or related fields; or equivalent research experience
  • Knowledge about the application of data science and AI technologies in areas relevant to healthcare: population health assessment, epidemiology, clinical trial research, gamification for healthcare, clinical decision support, machine learning-based behavioral modification and/or medical supply chain optimization
  • Experience with healthcare data and EHR
  • Experience in clinical trial assessment and/or causal inference for healthcare
  • Experience in deep learning and its frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, Caffe, Theano…)
  • Experience in time series forecasting, survival analysis, ensemble learning, recommendation systems and/or natural language processing
  • Experience with databricks and machine learning lifecycle management tools (e.g. mlflow)

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